Hybrid Long Term Care

Last updated on May 16th, 2024 at 02:41 am

More and more people in their 50’s are purchasing Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance. Last year over 250,000 policies were sold in the United States.


Hybrid Long Term Care is becoming more popular and is promising customers that if the policyholders do not end up needing long term care that their beneficiary will get a death benefit.

These premiums are becoming more stable than traditionally Long term care policies because they are allowing the policyholder to pay a single premium or over time through a series of set premiums.

Hybrid Long Term Care gives you a life insurance policy, long term care insurance, and a guarantee return of your premium. Some of these hybrid policies return a percentage of the premium that is paid if you cancel the policy before the end of the charge period.

Hybrid policies are combined with long term care policies. They feature life insurance with a long term care rider.

Some important advantages when purchasing Hybrid Long Term Care:

  • Guaranteed return of the premium by either a death benefit or long term care benefit.
  • Premium rates are locked in and will not change
  • Underwriting requirements can be less strict depending on the carrier
  • Cash protection benefit plans are not offered for new traditional long term care policies but some certain hybrid plans do still offer cash protection benefits.

Before purchasing Hybrid Long Term Care it’s important to research which policy will be best for you.

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